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At Aysgarth, we aim to help each boy work confidently with numbers. Mathematics contributes to the school curriculum by developing pupils’ abilities to calculate; think logically; solve problems independently and to handle data. Moreover, it teaches skills and techniques fundamental to future employment and everyday living. We aim to excite and stimulate our brighter boys whilst supporting those who find mathematics more challenging.

We combine traditional mathematics teaching with the new ideas adapted from the National Numeracy Framework. The core topics covered are numeracy, algebra, geometry and handling and interpreting data.

The aims of the Mathematics Department:

  • To provide a relevant, challenging and enjoyable curriculum for all pupils.
  • To make full use of the National Numeracy Strategy, Common Entrance syllabus and other mathematical literature to provide a complete and varied mathematical education.
  • To promote mathematics as an essential element of communication, which allows pupils to describe, illustrate, interpret, predict and explain.
  • To create an awareness of the relationships in mathematics; that mathematics is not an arbitrary collection of disconnected items.
  • To show pupils the fascination of mathematics and promote ways of doing mathematics which harness their imagination, initiative and flexibility of mind.

In essence, we hope to promote a love of mathematics which will see the boys in good stead for their future life.