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09-10-2016 Optional Weekend Fun - Lots Of Cooking, Shooting, Chocolate, Popcorn and Japanese Food

09-10-2016 Optional Weekend Fun - Lots Of Cooking, Shooting, Chocolate, Popcorn and Japanese Food



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The Chocolate Game and Mars Attack


On Saturday night, once it got dark, we played Mars attack. The aim of the game is to get from West Lodge pavillion to the yard without being caught by the teachers.

Lots of us made it, but unfortunately some were caught. The reward for succeeding at this task was double tuck. We had to do the game twice and to get tuck you had to complete the game twice without being caught. After all that activity we went into the dining room and played the chocolate game.

We were put into teams and we passed dice around the group, and if you threw a six you had to put on a hat, scarf and gloves and then try and eat the big chocolate bar with a fork.

We think that everyone managed to eat some chocolate but some ate more than others!

        George Barnes and Elliot Ainscough

Japanese Food Night


Saturday evening was a Japanese themed evening and our evening meal started with sushi and deep fried king prawns with a dipping sauce.

The main course was noodles with chicken or salmon, which was followed by fruit salad and cream.

This delicious meal was followed by two rounds of the game Mars attack.

        Monty Hunter and Henry Gardiner


5th Form Cooking

On Sunday morning Mrs. Glover came into school and ran a cookery session in the boys kitchen. We made chocolate brownies with white chocolate chips. Mrs. Glover gave us the recipe and then we worked out what we needed to do. 

Once we had made our brownies we were allowed to eat them. They were absolutely lovely!

   Henry Gardiner and Monty Hunter





Range Shooting

   On Sunday afternoon Mr. Bullas took a group of us rifle shooting in the school shooting range. We practised our aiming and we fired at five small targets. We each had ten rounds and we had a really good time. Maxim managed to shoot the first bullseye!

We can not wait to have another go.

     Oliver Ibbetson and Maxim Kondratiev







Sent Up For Good

Anderson, George

Price, William

Baranovskiy, Stepan

Lowe, Felix

Scott, Henry

Morse, Harry