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Overseas Pupils

Below is the personal experience of Aysgarth School of a French boy from Paris.


What was your first impression of Aysgarth?


At first it was a lot different to a school in the city because it is bigger and there are a lot of grounds here in the countryside; in France there were not any. Also, the lessons are much better as we are only six in our form. (the largest form is 15)


What is your favourite part of life at Aysgarth School? Why?


Being a boarder! I like the activities that are put on for us during weeknights and at the weekends.


What kind of activities do you like to take part in?


I normally take part in the sport activities, such as football and tennis. I like to try new activities because there is always something different to do here, like rifle shooting.


What is the food like at Aysgarth?


I like the food here and when I first arrived I thought it was a lot nicer than the food they gave us in France. I especially enjoy breakfast.


If you would like to find out more about placing your son at Aysgarth from overseas, please contact Niki Pargeter in the first instance


A school report is required or reference addressing ability in English and comments on behaviour. A UK guardian would need to be provided by the parents. Boys for whom English is not their first language are expected to have an intermediate level of English (B1+) and most are able to cope without extra language tuition. In the event that a boy needs help, we can provide extra 1:1 tuition at an extra cost.