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Mattress surfing, climbing and WOLF run

Mattress surfing, climbing and WOLF run

From the Head’s Office


PP3 enjoyed a fun-filled adventurous activities day at Queen Mary’s last week.  The children had a super day mattress surfing, climbing and completing the WOLF run.  Team work, co-operation and great problem solving skills were required and this week the children have been required to think about which aspects provided the most personal challenge, and whether they have learnt something new about themselves. 

Congratulations to Mrs Forth who has gained a new daughter-in-law this weekend!  Her son James married Cordelia at Cotswold Church near Ampleforth.  Mrs Forth has brought some of the wedding flowers into school for the children to enjoy.  They can be found hung along the fence of our nursery garden.  

Don’t forget the Strawberry Fayre on Friday.  All children can be collected from the gate at 3.30pm and then please take them to support APPA’s fundraiser.

With best wishes,  Susie Drake,  Head of Pre-Prep





Assembly theme for the week:  Being a Good Friend

Happy Birthday to: Pippa Gawthorpe

Last week's certificates for Trying Your Best were presented to:

  • Isabelle Baines
  • Martha Pybus
  • Jemimah Vaux
  • Pippa Ogden
  • Annabel Bulman

These children's work was displayed on the Wall of Fame:

  • George Marriott
  • William Wyvill
  • Hector Orde-Powlett
  • Kieran Hagues
  • All of PP2

These children joined Mrs Drake for Friday lunch:

  • Archie MacLelland (Reception)
  • Harry Bateman (Blue)
  • Bella Bland (Yellow)
  • Flora Favell (Green)
  • Isla Dinsdale (Red)







PP3 Adventures

We started off the week with an interesting visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  On Tuesday and Wednesday in Prep School the children had the opportunity to experience many different mediums of art which included soap sculpture, tapestry, big collage pictures, giant puppetry and felting.


A good time was had by all!

A good time was had by all!

Visit to Queen Mary's