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Physical Education

The aims of Physical Education at Aysgarth School are:

  • To promote physical development and confidence and the resultant self-esteem
  • To provide programmes to help all pupils realise their full potential, including outstanding athletes and pupils with special needs
  • To ensure pupils understand the short and long-term effects of exercise on the body systems, and to make pupils aware of the various methods of improving fitness, preparing for activities and recovering afterwards
  • To help pupils to value safety codes, minimise risk, avoid danger and respond appropriately, when necessary, to emergency situations
  • To teach pupils to know about and value the benefits of participation in physical activity and to develop in them a positive, committed, enthusiastic, hard-working approach which will help them derive maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from successful endeavour both at school and throughout life
  • To develop an appreciation of skillful and creative performances across the areas of activity
  • To develop problem-solving skills
  • To develop interpersonal skills and qualities such as integrity, fairness, self-discipline and a concern for quality as well as success, and to ensure pupils in teams treat opponents, fellow team members and referees with respect.

The major part of our timetabled PE programme is concerned with teaching pupils a broad, balanced syllabus which is differentiated to meet the needs of individual pupils. We study all parts of the National Curriculum but go far beyond its basic requirements in terms of range of sports and activities offered and standards expected.

The Physical Education Programme

Each week Forms 1,2 and 3 spend an hour on curriculum physical education which is taught in mixed ability groups.

The curriculum over the years embraces gymnastics, tennis, swimming, athletics, hockey, health related fitness and basketball.