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Poetry Recitation Competition

Poetry Recitation Competition

Having worked hard on performing their poems since the start of term, the final 15 boys, one from each English class, were selected to compete in today's compeition. Today's judges Ms Gail Cunningham and Miss Rosa West from Merchiston Castle School. Gail is an English Speaking Union trained debating and public speaking coach with 30 years experience. She has previously coached the Scottish Debating Team in the Debating Matters National Competition. At Merchiston she has coached teams at a National Level and regularly takes Merchiston to the semi and National finals of the ESU and The Law Society National Debating competition. 

Rosa has recently joined Merchiston having completed her MsC at the University of Edinburgh. She previously taught in London having completed her Bachelors at The LSE. 

The judges said "The standard was truly exemplary with performance levels making it very difficult to choose over all winners. The boys should be commended for the level of effort required, not only to learn those long poems verbatim but for the way in which they offered genuine interpretation and communicated clarity of thought. They were a credit to the school and joy to watch and listen to." 


Form 1

Winner - Max C (Who’s Afraid)

Runner up - Harry P-J (The Ghost in the Castle)


Form 2

Winner - Logan P (Morning Monster)

Runner up - Arthur L (Someone)


Form 3 

Winner - Seth A (Gargoyles)

Runner up - Henry H (The Class Teacher’s Ghost...)

Runner up - Will S (Watch your teacher carefully)


Form 4

Winner - William E (The Visitor)

Runner up - George F (A Coast: Nightmare)

Runner up - Bobby W (Don’t You Ever Laugh When the Hearse.)


Form 5

Winner - Tom M (The Highwayman)

Runner up - Felix L (The Visitor)

Runner up - Johnny F (End of Days)


The overall senior winner was Tom M, and Will S received highly commended for his performance.


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