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Pre-Prep children shine at Wensleydale Tournament

Pre-Prep children shine at Wensleydale Tournament

On Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd March, over half of the children from our Pre-Prep took part in the annual Wensleydale Tournament of Music and Speech in Leyburn. In its 106th year, the tournament brings the community together to celebrate music, singing, poetry and prose.

29 children from Reception through to PP3 chose to take part in this year’s  tournament, which involves choosing a poem, learning it by heart and then reciting it on stage in front of a large audience. This year the adjudicator was Jenny Thornton. 

Emma Barlow, PP2 class teacher said: “The tournament is a brilliant event for the children to be a part of. Not only are they exploring poetry and prose that they enjoy but it also is a great way of building confidence.  I am delighted to see so many of our Pre-Prep children choosing to take part and it was great to see the diversity of poems that they each chose.”

Cheryl Snowball, PP1 class teacher said: “We were so proud of all the children that took part and they all performed magnificently. In the run up to the tournament we had been helping the children prepare for their individual performances by practicing in front of audiences. It can be extremely daunting, especially when you have children as young as 4 years old taking part. When we arrived at the tournament the adjudactor, Mrs Thornton, gave a wonderful introduction to all the young performers and helped calm any nerves by getting them up onto the stage to familiarise themselves with the environment and the atmosphere.  When the children came to perform they really did the school proud and gave such confident, composed performances.”

A big congratulations to all 29 children that took part and a special mention to those who were awarded top marks in their class:

Reception: Flora Orde-Powlett

PP1: Joshua Patterson

PP2: Martha Pybus

PP3: Jack Haslam and Nancy Manners.