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Preparations for Bonfire night and a German visitor!

Preparations for Bonfire night and a German visitor!

From the Head’s Office

I hope you all had an enjoyable, if blustery half term holiday. We have launched straight back into the second half of the term with great gusto and as I write, PP1 are at Kiplin Hall learning about the history of toys.

With a busy week ahead, we look forward to welcoming Mrs Cameron, Headteacher of Queen Mary’s School when she visits the Prep and Pre-Prep on Friday.

We hope you will be able to join us on Saturday when we will be holding our annual Bonfire Tea which precedes the Aysgarth Bonfire and Fireworks display. Food and drink will be served from 5pm and tickets are not required this year. Please see the email from Mr Morse for full details.

We have heard news of a German visitor who will be arriving this week to work with our reception class...I have been told he likes porridge! No doubt we will find out more as the week progresses, do watch our facebook page for updates!

With best wishes, Susie Drake, Head of Pre-Prep

Firework Code - Please be safe this weekend:

1. NEVER play with fireworks. They are explosives and can hurt.
2. ONLY adults should light or hold fireworks
3. When watching fireworks, stand well back
4. NEVER go near a firework that has been lit. Even if it hasn't gone off, it can still explode
5. KEEP pets indoors so they don't get frightened
6. If you are given a sparkler: ALWAYS wear gloves. Hold at arm's length. When it goes out DON'T TOUCH, it could still burn

Grandparents’ Afternoon Tea

We will be repeating our very successful Grandparents’ Afternoon Tea on Friday 20th November.  The children have started to make the invitations to send out over the next couple of days.  Thank you to everyone who has sent in details, if you have not done so and wish the children to invite their grandparents please follow this link:
Thank you.

Menu—Week 4

Tuesday—Celebrity Chef Day
Wednesday—Roast Pork
Thursday—Beef Stroganoff
Friday—Fish and Chips
Monday—Meatballs and Spaghetti

Dates for Your Diary

  • Monday 2nd November: School re-opens
  • Friday 6th November: PP3 to attend Christmas Shoe Box Service at Crakehall Parish Church (please ensure all shoe boxes are brought into school by 9.00am this day)
  • *Saturday 7th November: Bonfire Tea in Pre-Prep at 5.00pm.  Bonfire and Fireworks over at the Prep School at 6.00pm.  All welcome.  
  • *Thursday 12th November: Tag Ruby and Netball v Gateways (home)
  • Friday 13th November, 10.00am-12.00pm: Open Morning for Prospective Parents
  • * Thursday 19th November: Tag Rugby and Netball v Cundall (away)
  • * Friday 20th November: Grandparents Tea
  • Monday 23rd November: Blunderbuss Theatre Company
  • * Friday 11th December, 9.30am: Nativity Play in Reynolds Hall
  • Tuesday 15th December:  Thirsk Rural Arts—Pocket Panto, ‘Aladdin’ performed in school
  • * Wednesday 16th December, 9.30am: Carols in Chapel
* Parents are welcome to attend these events.