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Pupil Awarded Prize in Inventor Competition

Pupil Awarded Prize in Inventor Competition

The winners have been announced for Rapid Online’s Young Inventors 2014 Competition, which looks to find the UK and Ireland’s next big inventor. Max Best in Form 3 at Aysgarth has been awarded a runner-up prize for his concept of a  'life-giving' straw. This straw aims to reduce the chance of people drinking diseased and dirty liquids. When someone takes a sip through the straw, microscopic filters and a sponge filled with safe-to-digest cleaning chemicals will clear the liquid of any harmful elements.

Youngsters have been submitting their ground-breaking designs since October. The winners' schools including Aysgarth, have all received a LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set and a LEGO Education WeDo Software and Activity Pack. 

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