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R.E & Wellbeing

Aysgarth now combines Religious Studies and PSHE to enrich understanding of both areas. Examining what Religion has to say when looking at PSHE issues often helps. The Parable of the Good Samaritan is a great starting point for looking at discrimination, multi-culturalism and how we treat each other. Equally, one can’t fully understand Martin Luther King’s efforts for equality, without understanding why he believed he was doing 'God’s work'. The Syllabus is based on the Common Entrance RS syllabus with PSHE elements intertwined.

Aysgarth pupils no longer sit for Common Entrance in Religious Studies, but are internally examined. This has allowed for greater depth in discussion and a better grasp of issues as well as the opportunity to apply Christian values and teaching in our every day lives. Boys still complete RS projects in form 5 which are sent off to their Public Schools. During their time at Aysgarth, boys will have built up a good knowledge of key Biblical narratives and important issues. They will also have developed the ability to empathise and consider other view points, while learning to express their opinions through balanced arguments.