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Rapunzel and the Gingerbread Man in the Reception Class

Rapunzel and the Gingerbread Man in the Reception Class

From the Head’s Office

Dear Parents,

 A warm welcome to Freja, Ranulph and Sadie who have joined our nursery class this term, we hope you are very happy here at Aysgarth.  We are only three days into term and already we have been busy with visitors looking at the school.  Mr Morse and I will shortly be inviting parents of our nursery children to join us to discuss the next step in their child’s education in preparation for their move to reception class in September.   

Looking further up the school, many of our Year 3 boys have enjoyed an exciting visit to the Prep recently and I know that some parents of our Year 3 girls may be still considering school options for next year.   We are happy to listen and advise.  If you feel this would help, please arrange an appointment with myself or Miss Phillips at your convenience.  Once decided, please could parents inform Mrs Pinkney so that we are able to make plans for a smooth transition.  

With best wishes,

Susie Drake,  Head of Pre-Prep

Dates for Your Diary

· Monday 25th January: Spinning demonstration for PP1 and PP2

* Tuesday 26th January: Netball match v Queen Mary’s (h)

* Monday 1st February: Parents ‘Big Lunch’ - all welcome for a school lunch with the children

* Tuesday 2nd February: Football and Hockey matches v Richmond House (h)

· Thursday 4th February: Reception and PP1 visit to Seven Stories

· Sunday 7th February, 2.00pm: Aysgarthian Run

· Monday 8th February: PP1 and PP2 to visit Dales Countryside Museum

* Tuesday 9th February: Netball Tournament at Queen Mary’s

· Friday 12th February, 3.30pm: School closes for half term

· Monday 22nd February, 8.45am: School re-opens

· Thursday 25th February: Concert by Bootham School.

* Week beginning 29th February: Reception, PP1, PP2, PP3 children competing in the Wensleydale Tournament—see email sent 24th November.

· Monday 29th February: PP1 and PP2—lambs visiting

· Tuesday 1st March: PP1 and PP2 Felting Workshop

· Tuesday 8th March: PP1 and PP2 day out with the Sheep Dogs at Hags Ghyll Farm

* Tuesday 8th March: Football and Hockey v Terrington (h)

· Thursday 17th March: Reception to National Railway Musuem

· Thursday 17th March: football and Hockey v Gateways (h)

· Thursday 17th March: please note that there is no Drama Club today.

* Wednesday 23rd March, 11.00am: Pre-Prep Spring Concert

· Wednesday 23rd March, 12.00pm: Pre-Prep Term Ends

* Wednesday 23rd March, 12.00pm: Easter Egg Hunt

* Parents are welcome to attend these events.

Menu—Week 2

· Tuesday—Spaghetti Bolognaise

· Wednesday—Pork Tagine

· Thursday—Chicken Pie

· Friday—Fish and Chips

· Monday—Steak and Ale Pie

Happy Birthday: Nell Biker, Georgie Bell, Amelia Shaw, Poppy Dinsdale, Josh Grimmett


Reception Class News

Anna began to make a model from the ‘making box’. It was tricky fixing cylinders onto paper, and even trickier fixing cylinders together when they were different widths and lengths. She tried various glues and sticky tapes, persisting until the problem was solved. 

When the tower was too tall to work with on the table, it was moved onto the floor, and some friends came to help, negotiating its decoration. 


Tinsel was twisted and ribbons tied – tricky manoeuvres for little fingers. Covering the end by cutting a circle of bubble wrap was quite an achievement. 


The amazing tower kept toppling over and help was sought. It needed a more stable base, and was fixed with blu tack.


Wow! What could it be? ‘It’s Rapunzel’s tower!’ ‘ We need a Rapunzel – and a prince!’ With friends working together and fantastic teamwork, two peg characters were made to tell the story. What an amazing learning journey!

The Reception Class also looked at the story of the Gingerbread Man and had to go on a hunt to find the escapee by following the crumb trail. 

They decided to make some yummy biscuits.  These gingerbread men didn’t get a chance to run away!

Learning is such fun in the Reception Class.