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Rock Climbing, BBQ Cooking and Saturday Night Fun

Rock Climbing, BBQ Cooking and Saturday Night Fun


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Rock Climbing at Brimham Rocks

 On Sunday morning Mr. Vivian took a group of us to Brimham Rocks with Miss. A. and Mr.S. When we got  there Mr. Vivian set up all his climbing equipment and while he was doing that we had our lunch. We finished our lunch and then we put our harnesses and helmets on. During the afternoon we did two different climbs, the second climb was much harder than the first but we all managed it.It was fun afternoon  which was finished off with an ice cream!

   George Hankins and Piers Benson-Blair


BBQ Cooking

     On Sunday morning after chapel four of us cooked chicken, pork steak and beef steak on the barbeque for lunch. We then got to eat it, although we did not quite manage all of it. We enjoyed cooking and eating it in the sunshine.

        Johnny Fielden and David Sowunmi








Saturday Night Fun

This weekend it was an optional weekend and we got to play games in the dining room. The first game was Chubby bunnies and most of us managed about ten marshmallows but it has now put us off marshmallows forever!

The second game involved trying to eat a bar of chocolate using a knife and fork and dressed in cricket pads and helmet. 

We then played dodge ball in the sports hall and it was really funny. We were split into two teams and in the end it was a draw. Then we played football and then it was time for bed.

     Johnny Fielden and David Sowunmi





Picture Of The Week

Teddy Vaux









Sent Up For Good

Codrington, Kit

Jameson, Henry

Price, William +2

Boissier, Francis

Tomlinson, Theo

Fothergill, George

Manners, James

Marshall, Harry

Parkes, Edward

Bailey, Thomas

Read, Charlie