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The Science department at Aysgarth is built upon the natural curiosity found in all children. It aims to nurture this and develop minds that question and seek to understand and marvel at the wonders of the world and indeed the universe. We have two dedicated science laboratories which allow us to investigate and be creative. Why just teach facts to a child when these can be absorbed through the processes of research, collaboration and experimentation?

Initially, much of our energy involves the development of creative thinking in the boys, asking questions and then finding ways of answering them. In the final three years, we focus on the Common Entrance syllabus, teaching biology, chemistry and physics. These three sciences are taught to the boys by a single specialist teacher allowing us to ensure that links are made seamlessly across the curriculum. Again, practical investigation and experimentation are used wherever possible to discover or reinforce learning.

On leaving Aysgarth, boys continue to perform exceptionally well in their science and many continue to study the sciences at A level. We hope and believe our desire to foster enthusiasm and curiosity at a young age, in part, explains this.