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Shooting, Rugby, Snow, 5th Form Social and a Junior Play Rehearsal 13-11-2016

Shooting, Rugby, Snow, 5th Form Social and a Junior Play Rehearsal 13-11-2016

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5th Form Social with Queen Mary's School

Once we and arrived at QM we were greeted by the Headmistress and the girls.  We all chatted to each other before being split into 2 groups.  One group took part in Bushcraft and the other group did the quiz.  We then swapped activities.  After these activities, we had snacks and drinks which was then followed by a disco and party games.  The girls were all great fun and we hope to meet them again next term when they come to Aysgarth.

Wilfred Pybus and Ben Brown.





4th Shooting at Warren Gill


On Sunday we went to Warren Gill in two groups. We were then split into groups of four and sent out onto the range.  The first set was clays coming straight over our heads, these were the easy clays.  The next sets went from left to right and then right to left.  These clays were a bit hard.  The best clay was the rabbit clay where the clay was sent rolling along the floor.  This was great fun but it was hard to hit.  Thank you to Mr Irwin for taking us.

George Hankins and George Wood





Junior Play Practice

The Juniors were preparing for they play next week

Fantastic Mr Fox.












Fun in the Snow


   On Wednesday we woke up to snow and quite a lot of it!

This meant we had normal lessons in the morning but the games timetable was altered to go on longer and incude activities in the snow.

We dressed warmly and spent a good two hours outside sledging, making jumps and snowballing.

            George Hankins and George Wood



U12 Rugby Champions

After a very early start and a four and a half hour journey in a coach we arrived at St. Edward's school in Oxford to take part in a national rugby tournament.

Our first game was against RGS High Wycombe and the final score was 5-5. We then played Bedford and we won 20-0.

Our third match was against Caldecot and we beat then 15-0. We then played MIlfield in our group and we beat then 30-0. The last game was against Moulsford and this game ended 20-0. This made us the winners of the group and ultimately the whole tournament. Thank you to Mr. Gaven and Mr. Sweetlove for taking us.

                                                        Alex Macdonald and Caspar Stone 

Sent Up For Good

Oliver Palmer

Harry Bellamy

Thomas Hollins

Stepan Baranovskiy

Barnie Gawthorpe

Drake Selby Boddy