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Skills Development

Aysgarth Pre-Prep and Prep School has a long tradition of inclusivity and is committed to accepting pupils with a wide range of abilities and learning needs. Staff, governors and parents work together to find and build on the strengths of each individual child and to help them to realise their full potential in a caring environment, which is both secure and stimulating. Treating every pupil as an individual is important and we are committed to the early identification of special educational needs and operate a graduated response in seeking to meet those needs, in line with the code of Practice 2002.

We support pupils to suit their individual needs. This may be through a structured multisensory teaching programme individually taught, but could also be through a Skills Development nurture club or 'in-class' support. We have a number of nurture groups that can vary from spelling groups, speed of thought groups, maths groups or book groups, depending on the needs of the pupils. We believe that a trickle effect of support is more advantageous than one session a week, so we aim for these children to have regular Skills Development support.

Nationally, one in five children will experience some degree of learning difficulty during their years at school. Every child is different, and one might need continuous extra support throughout their time at school, whilst another may need short-term extra help to overcome a particular problem or difficult time in their lives.

Special educational needs can be completely independent of intelligence; indeed, pupils with IQ’s of 130 plus can also deserve classification.