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After school fun - from gardening to spaghetti modelling!

After school fun - from gardening to spaghetti modelling!

Thank you to everyone who made the time to attend the Parents’ Evening meetings last week and for the positive comments about your children’s love of school and the excellent progress they are making.  We have had several parents’ comment recently that their unwell child has been desperate to come to school!  We would rather they are fit and healthy, but it is still such a huge complement to our superb teaching team and does bring a smile to their faces that the children are so keen! 

I was so impressed to see the quality of the children’s speaking at the Wensleydale Festival on Wednesday.   Our pupils spoke with such clarity, good timing and at times, humorous intonation.  What an amazing opportunity and so well attended.  We were proud of all of the Pre-Prep entries. 

We were very disappointed that the theatre company booked for the ‘Duck in the Truck’ workshops and theatre show cancelled on Monday morning.  We are so sorry to everyone who had planned to attend and hope that we will be able to rearrange shortly.

Lastly, we have set up a Facebook and Twitter page to allow us to share more regular updates and additional photographs with you...but don't worry we are still keeping the 'The Acorn' too!  

With best wishes,  

Susie Drake,  Head of Pre-Prep

Acorn Club

Our after school Acorn Club, which does a wide range of activities from crafts to gardening, turned their hand to model making with a rather unusual medium the other week.  They used spaghetti, marshmallows and sweets to make their constructions.  As the photographs show, they didn’t eat everything before the end of the afternoon!

More photos available on our Facebook page.

Last week's certificates for Listening were presented to;

  • George Marriott
  • Isabelle Baines
  • Bella Bland
  • Sophie Stocken
  • Annabel Bulman

Assembly theme for this week: Kindness

All the children who took part in the Wensleydale Tournament received a certificate for the Wall of Fame

  • Serena Hudson
  • Lottie Taffs
  • Alexandaer Wyvill
  • George Bell
  • Isabel Bland
  • Poppy Dinsdale
  • Isabel Fall
  • Zoe Hall
  • Isobel Heagerty
  • Hector Orde-Powlett
  • Martha Pybus
  • Alexander Storer
  • Annabel Bullas
  • Flora Favell
  • Nancy Manners
  • Pippa Ogden
  • Buster Preston
  • Alice Prudho
  • Sophie Stocken
  • Evie-Skye Taffs
  • Max Bailey
  • Harry Bateman
  • Sebastian Buczacki
  • Annabel Bulman
  • Isla Dinsdale
  • Henry Prudhoe
  • William Sizer

Well done to everyone who took part. Special congratulations go to:


1st place Serena Hudson

2nd place Alexander Wyvill

3rd place Lottie Taffs

Class 1

1st place Martha Pybus

2nd place Poppy Dinsdale

3rd place Alexander Storer

Class 2

1st place Nancy Manners

2nd place Alice Prudhoe

Class 3

1st place Harry Bateman

2nd place Henry Prudhoe

3rd place Isla Dinsdale