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Spring News from Oak House

Spring News from Oak House

It has been an action-packed term for all our classes with a wide variety of trips, concerts, tournaments, sporting

achievements and special visitors. Indeed, quite fittingly our term ended with a ‘bang’ thanks to 11 EOD regiment, who are based at Catterick Garrison. Personnel from the regiment generously spent a day with the Prep and Pre-Prep children showing them the latest technology and techniques used in bomb disposal. Much to the delight of the children, they were also given the chance to operate ‘cutlass’ the bomb disposal robot.


From a creative perspective, Aysgarth was delighted to support the 106th Wensleydale Tournament of Music and Speech. 29 children from Reception through to PP3 chose to take part this year; each of them choosing and learning a poem, before reciting it on stage in front of an adjudicator and large audience. All the children gave confident, polished performances and special congratulations go to all the winners!






The Oak House children have thrived on the many challenges that have come their way and it has been a pleasure to witness their enthusiasm, learning and, above all, sheer enjoyment of school life! Below is an insight into what each of our classes have been up to over the Spring term.


Our Nursery class has been learning about Spring; watching the bulbs that they planted in Autumn begin to grow, looking for signs of Spring as they headed out on adventures around the grounds and visiting ‘Farmer Sid’ to see the new arrivals at his farm. Alongside the everyday learning and creativity, there was opportunity for swimming, games in the sports hall, gymnastics, music and movement and lots and lots of baking!


In addition, the children learnt new nursery rhymes and songs, which they performed beautifully at the end of term Spring Concert.



‘The language of stories and rhymes, both traditional and new’ was one of the main themes this term and a visit to ‘Seven Stories’ in Newcastle, the National Centre for Children's Books was a perfect way to start to the project. The children also spent a lot of time exploring winter outside in the school grounds with their ‘outdoor explorer afternoons’, finding out about seasonal changes and the wildlife in our local environment.  

The exploration of language continued during their French lessons and they loved learning the French songs that they performed at the Spring Concert to their parents. Of course, we must not forgett the weekly swimming and gymnastic classes; it has been a very busy term!



Over the term, PP1 undertook a geographical study of the school grounds, learnt about homes in the past and explored different types of materials. As part of their literacy work they also joined the Reception class on their trip to Seven Stories in Newcastle and spent some time learning out about the Angel of the North on their way.








In PP2, the children studied the local area; identifiying human and physical features of the Yorkshire Dales and learning about farming life in the Dales. The project included identifying how the area has changed over time and progressed to investigating reversible and irreversible changes.

Whilst PP1 and PP2 are separate classes, they joined together in a carefully planned project entitled ‘Are all sheep the same?’. They were treated to a series of special visits at school including a felting workshop, where the children looked at how raw fleece is changed into a variety of different products, a spinning workshop and a visit from newborn lambs. The children were given the opportunity to visit Hags Ghyl Farm in Swaledale where, amongst other activities, they watched a sheepdog working the sheep. A further visit, this time to  the Dales Museum  ‘history detectives’ and the spent the day looking at artefacts and finding out about what tools and equipment have been used on farms across the years.



In addition to a busy schedule of netball and football fixtures for the boys and girls, the children ‘launched into space’ this term to learn about Earth, Space, Light and Shadows. Learning from Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Centre, they carried out their own observations and investigations and produced some amazing work along the way.  

Topic work this term also focused on the Ancient Greeks, starting with detective work at the Bowes Museum, where the children looked closely at Greek pottery and explored artwork linked to familiar Greek myths.  The children then went on to explore aspects of art, architecture, literature, politics, and mathematics. The class managed to draw these many strands together in a Greek play entitled ‘Pandora’s Box’ which they performed in the Theatre as part of the end of term concert.