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Start of Term

Start of Term

First Day at Aysgarth
Having fun and studying hard—welcome to our new pupils in PP1, PP2 and PP3
We look forward to a good year together!


It has been a fantastic start to the new school year.  Everyone has settled in very well to their new classes and we are getting to know each other.  We are exploring the classrooms and the garden and learning how to be grown up and be independent.

The story corner is a favourite place!

Learning to be independent at snack time.

Investigating the sea creatures and the
seaweed in the water-tray.

Building a den in the garden.

Beautiful play dough birthday cup cakes.

Playing with friends.

Acorn Club

We looked at pictures of the stained glass windows in The Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona and we were inspired to make our own window decorations for our entrance way.


PP2 Maths

This week PP2 have been exploring numbers and partitioning them into hundreds, tens and ones.  They made some fantastic displays of their work.

PP3 Science

PP3 have started a new science topic—the human body.  They cut out pictures of all the major organs and then worked in groups to try to place them in the correct area of the body.  It is only the start of the topic—they may need a little more study before embarking upon surgery!

PP1 Colour Mixing

PP1 have been exploring primary and secondary colours.  First they used two primary colours and spread the paint out to make some beautiful artwork.  Next they used three primary colours and spread the paint again to see what happened to the pictures this time.
The artwork that they created is on display outside the PP1 classroom.



The children in PP3 used found objects to create letters before photographing them to make stunning black and white images.  The pictures they captured were printed and arranged to spell their names.