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Story Time

Story Time

Dear All,

Apologies for the delay in publication of this first edition of the Acorn 2017, as you may be aware the school, and in particular the Prep school, has been hit by a nasty bug. Having caught it myself and been laid low for a couple of days last week, I can contest that is rather debilitating. The Pre-Prep are definitely made of stronger stuff and seem to be fairing better than the boys; thanks, I am sure, to the vigilance of staff in making sure that they wash their hands regularly.

Over the course of the holidays, Lottie and I met with the Pre-Prep staff to review and refresh the current house system. The aim was to bring it more in line with the Prep school, where a particular house takes responsibility for a number of duties each week. The Pre-Prep will adopt a similar system, with a duty house responsible for a number of areas during the week, for which points will be awarded and a winning house recognised at the end of term. The children are being encouraged to work as a team and to take on more responsibility throughout the school day, with jobs that include maintaining the tidiness of the school and helping to look after one another. The new augmented system was presented to the children at the beginning of term and the blue and green houses have already got off to a flying start. As a result there has been a  greater need for positions of responsibility within the houses and as such we have appointed new House Captains and Assistant House Captains; these appointments can be found inside this edition.

Finally, a reminder that if you wish your child to take part in the Wensleydale Tournament or you would like to join us for ‘The Big Lunch’ the forms need to be completed and submitted today.  Full details of these events are given inside.

With best wishes,  Rob and Lottie Morse


All about ourselves

PP1 and PP2 have started their science project for the term—learning all about their bodies.
They visited Sister Marshall to find out their heights and their weights.  They then arranged themselves in height order in the Prep School Library.
Later they looked at how information could be presented in charts. 
They then made their own chart  showing the eye colours in the two classes.



PP3 have started their new topic, WWII, this term.  So far we have experienced and talked about the terrifying air raid sirens and begun to learn about The Blitz.

Mr Bisby, Miss Roberts’ grandfather, was an evacuee during the war and we enjoyed a fascinating talk and slideshow from him about his WWII experiences.

Alexander Storer also brought in his families WWII prisoner of war archive box which everyone enjoyed looking at.

There is also a fantastic display in the classrooms.




House Captains

The House Captains for this term will be:

Blue—Alexander Storer

Green—Solomon Foot-Tapping

Red—Jemimah Vaux

Yellow—Isabel Fall

The Assistant House Captains for this term will be:

Blue—Harry Baxter

Green—Oscar Hill

Red—William Biker


Yellow—William Wyvill

Happy Birthday

  • Georgie Bell
  • Poppy Dinsdale

Nursery have been thoroughly enjoying the books and stories on offer this week.  The story of the week has been Dear Zoo.  We have been learning to recall a story using a ‘story map’.  We have learnt actions and made some props to help us retell the story.  Some of us have been drawing pictures of the animal we would like to receive. 










They sent me a lion - it was too fierce! They sent me an alligator - it was too snappy!


Reception started the New Year by making New Year wishes with the help of a ‘Wishing Fairy’. 

Now we have begun to explore ‘space’ with a rocket in our classroom, lot of junk modelling and talk about the moon and planet earth.

We made ‘story maps’ of Mog on the Moon to help us retell the story.