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Surfing and Adrenaline 11-09-2016

Surfing and Adrenaline 11-09-2016


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Form 1 Surfing.

The sun was shining and the waves were bigger than predicted on the surf forecast.  The Form 1 boys had a fab time with all the boys catching a few waves and PJ Watson even got to stand up!  Thank you to Mr Chadwick and Mrs Morse for taking the Form 1 boys.





Form 2 & 3 Army Assault Course Challenge

Mud, more mud and some very cold water!  Boys in Forms 2 & 3 had a great day racing around the army assault course.  Some of the walls were very challenging and we had to help each other get over them.  The water was very deep and cold but it was great fun.  Mr Wood even joined in but split his shorts jumping the wall!!



Picture Of The Week

Flynn Lowther