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The Art Edition

The Art Edition

Dear All,
As our first half of term draws to a close we bring you an artistic edition of The Acorn.  It seems that work in the Pre-Prep has taken a creative turn this week with the study of some famous artists inspiring the children’s paintings, portraits and prints.  It has been wonderful to visit Oak House and witness such industrious making.
The Nursery has also been a riot of colour.  The children have shared their creative talents both in making dragons and sharing their own dragon stories.
As we look forwards to the next half of term can I draw your attention to the Aysgarthian Run; as ever you are all cordially invited to participate.
We also welcome back the Blunderbus Children’s Theatre Company for a performance based on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, details can be found inside this edition. 
We hope you all have an enjoyable half term.

With best wishes,
Rob and Lottie Morse


PP3 Art Work

We have been experimenting with using ink and rollers to create WWII pictures in the Pop Art style of Andy Warhol.  Some have featured retro sweet wrappers; others military hardware. 


PP2’s art in the style of Amadeo Modigliani

PP2 have been studying the work of Modigliani who was born in Italy in 1884.  They looked at his portraits and the distinctive long necks and almond-shaped eyes.  They then created their own self-portraits in the same style.






Finish for half-term holiday—Friday 10th February

School re-opens—Monday 20th February

Aysgarthian Run—Sunday 26th February

Everyone is invited to join in the Aysgarthian Run; children, parents, siblings and dogs (all dogs must be on a lead at all times) are all welcome to come along.  
The Junior race is approximately 1.5 miles and warm up starts at 1.45pm.  The senior event starts at 2.30pm.  Hot chocolate and afternoon tea will be served at the end.



Story Time

PP1 have enjoyed telling each other stories.  They created a mini stage in the classroom and used toys and puppets to act out the story for their classmates.











During the PP1 class’s ICT lessons the children have been practising giving clear and precise instructions and directions.
Working in pairs one person was the ‘robot-chef’ and the other person had to ‘program’ them to make a jam sandwich.






TV Chef

Following on from Robot-Chefs the PP1 and PP2 children have begun setting their sights on being TV Chefs.  This week they have been practising using microphones to record their voices.  Watch this space for further developments as they work on some video recordings.  We could be seeing the next Jamie Oliver!









The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

On Monday 13th March all the Pre-Prep children will be taking part in workshops and watching a performance based on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Blunderbus Children’s Theatre Company.  This is a new show which blends music and puppetry to tell the story of Charlie Hubble who wants to be a world-class magician.
All parents are invited to watch the performance, please return the slip sent home in your child’s book bag if you would like to join us. If you think younger siblings are old enough to enjoy the show, which is aimed at children three and over,  it would be lovely to see them there.  The show is 10.15-11.30 in the Reynolds Hall.
Nursery children who do not usually attend school on Mondays are also welcome to watch the show—please return the slip to Mrs Pinkney.
If you have friends whose children may also enjoy this performance please do let us know and we will send them an invitation, the show is aimed at children between the ages of three to seven years of age.


The certificates on 3rd February were presented to: 

  • Samantha Crompton for applying herself
  • Romilly Foot-Tapping for always being enthusiastic in all her learning
  • Alexander Wyvill for amazing illustrations
  • Isobel Heagerty for being a super scientist
  • Alexander Storer for creative art work
  • Bella Bland for super fractions work


Happy Birthday Jemimah Vaux

Early Years News

On Monday Reception watched an interactive animation of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ on the whiteboard which initiated some art work using similar colours and swirls.  We painted on foil and created some fantastic prints. 
We have made a story box on a space theme to help retell some of our favourite space stories, and to inspire some original story telling.  Story boxes are easy to make and great fun—don’t miss your holiday challenge.




Nursery have been visited by dreadful dragons, friendly dragons and even enormous dragons in the playground!
They have listened to dragon stories and made story maps to help them retell their tales.







Last week’s wow moments were ...

  • Millie Cox for telling us all about home.
  • Elliott Chapman for listening  and retelling our story.
  • Cressida Orde-Powlett for thinking of 10 ways to make 6 with the Unicon.
  • Pippa MacLelland for fantastic sentences.

Home Challenge

(to share after half term)

Reception: have a go at making a story box for one of your favourite stories (information to follow).

Nursery: look out for changes around you, e.g. signs of spring or new buildings