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Muddy Puddle Walk in aid of Save the Children

Muddy Puddle Walk in aid of Save the Children

Dear All,

As we approach the half term holiday, and what looks to be a run of lovely weather, we are pleased to report that the fleet of new playground toys should be arriving soon after the children's return. Many thanks to all who have donated money and supported the APPA fund raising over previous years.
With fund raising in mind, we would like to highlight our up and coming Medieval Fayre which will take place on the 30th June. It will take the form of our previous Strawberry Fayre but with a Medieval twist! Our thanks already go out to Tom Orde-Powlett for lending us some of his specialist staff for the afternoon to help the children with some Medieval performances. We have a bouncy castle booked and the food, including strawberries, will be provided by the school. As ever we would be very grateful for any parental support; in the past some of you have given most generously of your time and talents on the day with the aim of raising APPA funds further. To this end we would like to invite anyone who would be interested in supporting this event or, indeed any APPA event in the future, to join us for coffee/tea on the morning of Thursday 8th June in the Headmaster's study, to discuss any possible ideas.

With best wishes for an enjoyable half term,
Rob and Lottie Morse


More Muddy Puddles Pictures

The Reception Class’ bean plants are growing well.   
The children have been drawing detailed pictures of the plants, measuring them to see how tall they have become and also using beans to practise their counting and their number bonds to six and seven.






The chicks have hatched!













Our wow moments last week were:

Sadie Carter for sharing her knowledge about birds.
Finn Wells for sharing his ideas with others.
Chloe Atkinson for problem solving during Forest School.
Phoebe Armstrong for being a brilliant gardener.
Millie Cox for creative ideas.
Ben George for trying hard with writing.



The Battle of Hastings

by George Marriott

What I have learnt about the Battle of Hastings:- When King Edward died King Harold got crowned and William the Conqueror said that he was promised by King Edward that he would be king and they had a battle against each other.  King Harold’s team was the Saxons .  William the Conqueror’s team was the Normans. The Saxons did a wall of shields, the Normans were trying to break through the wall of shields but they couldn’t.  William the Conqueror had an idea, he sent all his foot soldiers down to the Saxons and pretended to retreat.  The Saxons thought that they had won, they celebrated so much that they didn’t hear the Norman cavalry running their horses down the side of the battle ground and down the back of the Saxon’s and the Norman’s surrounded the Saxon’s and to win the battle the Norman archer shot an arrow and it hit King Harold in the eye and hit his brain.  The Norman’s won the battle and William the Conqueror became king.


William’s half brother, Odo, ordered the tapestry to be made.  It is 20 inches tall and 70 meters long.  Odo ordered it so that he could remember how brave William was.



PP1 Work

PP1 have been working very hard this week.  They have been continuing their tree study which they started in the Autumn Term.  They have looked at how an individual tree has changed over the seasons.  They drew a detailed picture of the spring foliage.  Here is Samantha’s drawing.
During their maths lessons they have been studying making different totals by adding three smaller numbers together.  Romilly completed a whole page of sums.


PP3R have been doing some detailed pencil sketches of Bolton Castle.

PP3 Maths

In PP3B this week we have been studying fractions: we have been learning how to add and subtract them and how to find equivalent fractions too.









Happy Birthday

Kit Milbank
Isabel Fall
Nicol White
William Biker


The certificates on 12th May were presented to: 
Penny Pybus for brave writing
Serena Hudson for literacy
Gabe Collier for literacy
Georgie Bell for maths
Poppy Dinsdale for always doing the right thing.
Isabel Fall received a free reader certificate

The certificates on 19h May were presented to: 
Romilly Foot-Tapping for enthusiastic number work
Kit Milbank for joining the team
William Wyvill for super effort
George Hill for science
Bella Bland for going above and beyond
Ned Alton-Taylor and Poppy Dinsdale received free reader certificates