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The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Dear All,
As predicted the visit of the Blunderbus Theatre was a great success and all the children enjoyed the production and workshops; please find some lovely photographs and quotes from the children further down this blog. 
The PP1 and 2 classes have been using the ICT facilities in the main Prep school this week to complete their instructions for making a sandwich, they had to plan their recipes and then film themselves carrying out the task. Mrs MacLelland is hopeful that we have some new TV chefs in the making? 
Next week we wish all our boys luck in their forthcoming match against Barnard Castle and hope the girls do well in the tournament at Pocklington.  We also wish all those who are entering the Wensleydale Tournament good luck with their preparations. 

With best wishes,
Rob and Lottie Morse


The certificates on 10th March were presented to: 

  • Samantha Crompton for super sentences.
  • Alexander Wyvill for cross country running.
  • George Marriott for speech punctuation.
  • Georgie Bell for super maths.
  • All of PP3R for a great trip on Monday.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

All the children in Reception, PP1 and PP2 joined together for a workshop with the actors from Blunderbus Theatre to follow on from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice  performance they had watched in the morning.  PP3 also enjoyed their workshop.

“The best bit was when they did some magic!”


William and Solomon

“The cat was going to get bigger and bigger
and I laughed.”


“The magician was amazing!”
“It was so funny!”

The Nursery and Reception children loved watching The Sorcerer’s Apprentice performed in school by Blunderbus Theatre Company.
The show was amazing and had everyone taking part in all the actions. Even Mrs Shaw can be spotted dancing in the aisles. 
During the afternoon Nursery had a workshop with the actors.  Some children even helped with magic tricks—and successfully made a banana appear in an empty bag. 
The Reception children were very grown up and joined PP1 and PP2 for their workshop.


Last week’s wow moments were ...

  • Freja Flooks for drawing a symmetrical butterfly and explaining what symmetry means.
  • Mia Wells for some amazing maths.
  • Amara Younis for always being happy and busy.
  • Pippa MacLelland for amazing story writing.



After School Care

The children who stay for After School Care at the end of lessons have been very busy.  They have been painting, building and even knitting.

Solomon has worked very hard to complete a knitted hat which will be sent to Ghana to help keep a premature baby warm in work supported by New Life Baptist Church, Northallerton. Well done!