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Enjoying the Autumn sunshine

Enjoying the Autumn sunshine

PP2 have been studying verbs in their literacy lessons this week.
They used the information they have learned to write some wonderfully imaginative poems.
George Marriott’s poem is all about a game of rugby.











Acorn Club
Acorn Club have been very busy over the past few weeks.  They have explored the school grounds to find interesting materials to make some fantastic pictures.
This week they have been carving some brilliant pumpkins ready for bonfire night.





Happy Birthday: Alexander Storer and Sadie Carter



Autumn Poems

PP3 have been writing Autumn poems.  They have thought about the smells, sights, sounds and even tastes of the season.

The poems are being entered into the ‘Once Upon a Dream’ young writers poetry competition.


This poem is Poppy Dinsdale’s entry.





Grandparents’ Tea
We are looking forward to welcoming grandparents to school in a couple of weeks’ time.
All the children have been preparing invitations for the Grandparents’ Tea which will be held on Friday November 18th.  The first ones have  already been posted out.
If you would like us to invite your child’s grandparents please do let us have their names and addresses so we can send their invitations out to them.  Please see the email sent out on Monday 31st October.




Mrs Snowball’s class have been reading a story about a very windy day, The Wind Blew  by Pat Hutchins.

They have written lists of all the items that the wind blew around and illustrated their work with some lovely pictures.


This example is by Romilly Foot-Tapping.











Last week's certificates were presented to:

  • All of PP1 for super behaviour at Kiplin Hall
  • Alexander Wyvill for trying hard
  • Bertie Bullas for trying hard
  • William Wyvill for working very hard and doing so well.
  • Martha Pybus for working hard
  • Harry Baxter for working hard

Early Years News


Reception Class have been 

learning about owls and have painted some wonderful 

pictures.  We have read the story Owl Babies and looked at 

information books about owls.

We have been very inspired by our work and have even made a nest from leaves and twigs.  It was lots of fun.




This week's wow moments have been ...

Josh  Grimmett for great construction work.

Chloe Atkinson for trying really hard with 


Finlay for wowing us by repeating the rhythms accurately in music.

Cressida for wowing us with her very careful cutting skills.


Home Challenge

(to share next week)

To tell Mummy and Daddy how to stay safe on Bonfire Night.



Everyone in Nursery has enjoyed our back garden this week, whatever the weather.  We’ve practised balancing along the log walk and worked hard to make our windmills go round.  Of course, we’ve also  made lots of lovely bubbles and some great, squelchy mud recipes!