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Trampolining, Rugby Tour and Cooking

Trampolining, Rugby Tour and Cooking

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We went to Planet Leisure in Newton Aycliffe on Sunday afternoon, after an early lunch. When we arrived we had a little wait until it was our turn. Once we got on the trampolines we had lots of fun. There were two basketball hoops and two massive airbags which you could flip into. We had a challenge to try and slam dunk into the basketball hoops. It was tiring and we drank a lot of water!


                          Edmund Hinchliffe and Hamish Firth


         Scotland Rugby Tour

We left from Aysgarth at 1pm on Thursday and started the long journey up to Scotland. We went to Edinburgh and when we arrived there we went to watch 'Murder on the Orient Express'. The next morning we went to the Royal MIle and we got some bargains as it was Black Friday! Then we travelled up to Cargilfield for our lunch followed by our first match, which both teams won. 

We went back to the hotel and went out for supper with our parents. The following day we had an early start as our matches started at 11am at Fettes. 

These matches were harder and despite this both teams were victorious, meaning we had an unbeaten tour.

After the matches we had a lovely lunch at Fettes and then we travelled to Murrayfield to watch an exciting game. We watched Scotland against Australia, with Scotland winning the game. 

                                                  Tom Ray and Caspar Stone







Range Shooting


  On Sunday Mrs. MacLelland ran a shooting activity in the rifle range. We got to shoot 2:2 rifles at paper targets. We had twenty  shots each and Harry scored the most points. We enjoyed the activity as there was not too many of us and we hope to have another go soon.


               Harry Stembridge and Matteo Mountain










Mrs Wiggins organised a cooking activity for us in the boys kitchesn. She gave us the recipe for gingerbread. We had to follow the recipe and weigh out all the ingredients. Once we had made the gingerbread, we had to roll out the mixture and cut out the shapes. We had gingerbread men and lots of festive cutters, such as Christmas trees. We  then iced them before gobbling them down! Yum Yum!

    George Fothergill, Loic Dutton-Burrows and George Anderson






Picture of the Week

Alfie Couttie

















Sent Up For Good

Clarkson Webb, Harry

Ito, Yuto

Wells, Luc

Sarabi, Sherwyn


 Bartle, Samuel

Fothergill, George

Garcia de Santiago, Iñigo

Gaffaney, Matthew

Kondratyev, Maxim

Storer, Alexander

Ibbetson, Oliver

Mountain, Matteo