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Enterprising activity and a visit to Bolton Castle

Enterprising activity and a visit to Bolton Castle

From the Head’s Office

Motivation is always the key to unlock the most incredible learning opportunities for children.  When we challenged Year 3 to design an enterprise project to contribute towards their leavers t-shirts and end of term treat, we knew the opportunities were endless ... and my goodness, how the children have excelled.  ‘Refresh’, their ice-cream enterprise has required market research, product evaluation, calculation of profit margins as well as customer care skills, handling real money, company branding and banking.  Now on its third week, the children are almost into profit, thank you all of you who have supported their venture.
Continuing with the shopping theme, Reception class was also transformed into a highly recommended pizza restaurant with the most attentive staff you will have ever encountered!  Again, so many opportunities to learn about the roles within a restaurant, as well as taking orders, setting the table and calculating the bill.  Thank you to Alexander for bringing in his menu and providing the inspiration for this work.
Year 2 enjoyed an exciting trip to Bolton Castle last week, see inside for a full report.
With best wishes,  Susie Drake,  Head of Pre-Prep

Assembly theme for the week:  Patience

Happy Birthday to: Will Sizer, William Biker


Last week's certificates for Honesty were presented to:

  • Bertie Bullas
  • Alexander Buczacki
  • Nancy Manners
  • Harry Gawthorpe

These children's work was displayed on the Wall of Fame:

  • Joshua Patterson
  • George Marriott
  • Ned Alton-Taylor
  • Zoe Hall
  • Flora Favell
  • All of PP3

Class Two School Trip to Bolton Castle

by Humphrey Hinchliffe


On Thursday the class went to Bolton Castle.  We went under the portcullis to get into the castle.  There was a lady called Katy, she was showing us around the castle then for a bit we put on some Medieval clothing.   Then she handed us over to Debbie and she let us have a go with a bow and arrow.  Buster’s went underneath the target ad Mrs Barlow’s went on a bale of hay.  

We went to the dungeon, it was a long way down.  I heard that no one ever escaped from the dungeon.  After that we went to the archery room, they had bows and arrows all over the place.  Then we went to the weaponry room.  Jack tried a helmet on.  Then we saw the blacksmith, they made horse shoes and horse collars and saddles and reins and things like that.  Then we went to the kitchen, the food on the table was fish and pork pies, vegetables, herbs and spices.  
Then we went to lunch and we had sausages and cheese and bread, butter and ham and cookies.  That was it, after that we watched the birds and then we went to the royal bedroom and all the rooms had boxes at the end of them, they were for storing all of your belongings in.  Then we went to the maze, Alice found the middle of it and I found the end of it and then went to the middle and back out again.  We said thank you to Katie and went and made pomanders and plague bags.  We made them to make decorations and things like that.  In those days they sniffed and made them smell better.  It was a nice try for them but they failed because they didn’t stop them being ill with the plague.  Then we said thank you and we went to see the wild boar, there was a nice fat boar, I think it was the daddy.  There was a piglet eating mud, I think they love it.   Then we went to school.