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Visit to Bolton Castle

Visit to Bolton Castle

Dear All,

A belated welcome back to one and all this term.  As you are aware, term has started with something of a ‘bang’ and the PP1,  2 and 3 classes enjoyed a fantastic day out at Bolton Castle: see below for more Medieval details.
Not to be outdone the EYFS children have made the most of the beautiful spring weather and  have enjoyed playing in their refurbished back garden and Forest School in the wider school grounds.
Academic, leisure, games, afterschool clubs and great weather have made for a very good recipe and it has been a pleasure to witness the boys and girls in the thick of the action with broad grins on their faces.

Many parents will be aware of how much APPA (Aysgarth Pre-Prep  Parents Association) has done for the Pre-Prep in recent times and I am delighted to inform you that they will be purchasing a ‘fleet’ of ‘ride-on’ playground toys so that the children can gain even more enjoyment from their break times.

The order is in progress and I will bring you up to speed with the delivery date as and when we have more information.
On the topic of APPA, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have given of their time, energy and enthusiasm to support Aysgarth.  Looking to the future, we will soon be having a meeting for any parents who would like to be involved in future APPA events.  It is important to underline that, whilst fundraising is an integral part of APPA’s raison d'être, equally importantly it plays an essential pastoral role in terms of integrating new parents and providing the opportunity for all parents to get to know each other a little better.
Rachel will be in touch in due course with regard to a time and date for the meeting and I hope that many of you will join us for a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

With best wishes,
Rob and Lottie Morse

More pictures from Bolton Castle

Entering the castle Medieval costume

Spear drill

Archery practice
Dressed up in costume Watching the owls
Archery practice Medieval dancing


Our wonderful Spring Concert at the end of last term concluded with the presentation of our trophies.
The Biker cups for kindness were awarded to

  • Rafe Lines
  • Beanie Brown
  • Rose Wyvill
  • George Marriott
  • Ned Alton-Taylor and Harry Baxter

The Hill Trophy for sporting attitude and behaviour was awarded to 

  • George Hill and Poppy Dinsdale

The Adair Cup for artistic achievement was presented to

  • Gabe Collier and Martha Pybus

The Sinnott Cup for swimming was given to

  • Harry Palmer-Jones

The Lambert House Trophy was won by Green House

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers

Please have a check through your bags and receipts for any Active Kids Vouchers from Sainsbury’s.  Mrs Pinkney will collect together any vouchers that you find to get items for the children.  In the past we have got sports equipment and cookery equipment.

Sun Protection

We are optimistic that the sunshine will continue, and with that in mind we would like to clarify the situation about applying sun protection. 
The best solution for children is to apply one of the long lasting sun screen formulas at home before the start of the school day.  Ensuring that children have sunhats with them also helps.  (Mrs Pinkney has some available to purchase in the office.)
If you are unable to apply the long lasting sun screen please speak to your child’s teacher.   You may bring in sun cream from home as long as it is clearly marked with your child’s name,  but please do be aware that it is difficult for teachers to ensure every child applies sun protection adequately at break time.  The school nurse will provide a small amount of child friendly sun screen for use in the Pre-Prep in emergencies.

Happy Birthday

Elizabeth Hayton
Sebastian Stocken
Rafe Lines
Ella McGrath

Early Years News

The Nursery and Reception classes have enjoyed the sunshine this week.  They have been busy in Mr McGregor’s garden planting seeds and climbing the trees!   It was also a lovely day for sharing a story together on the grass.

The Reception Class worked very hard to dig the ground and then plant their potatoes.