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Visit to Souter Lighthouse

Visit to Souter Lighthouse

Dear All,

The Pre-Prep has been busy and exciting this week.  The children in PP2 visited a very foggy Souter Lighthouse where they created working lighthouse models.  When they returned to school they wrote lighthouse shaped reports. and George’s is reproduced inside.

The other Pre-Prep classes have also been very busy and their news can be found in the middle of this newsletter.

The swimming lessons and club are now taking place and our  congratulations go to our new gap students for successfully passing their lifeguard training.

Please don’t forget that you are all warmly invited to tea in the Headmaster’s dining room on Friday afternoon at 2.00pm.  This will lead into our Pre-Prep sharing assembly, which, for our new parents  is our weekly celebration of good behaviour and excellent work.  All parents are very welcome to attend, whether your child will be receiving a certificate or not.  If your child’s achievements are being specifically recognised on a Friday we will do our best to send an email and text that morning to let you know.


With all best wishes,
Rob and Lottie Morse


PP2’s Visit to Souter Lighthouse

A report by George Marriott

We went on a school trip to Souter Lighthouse.  I went to look around the fog horn then we went to the engine room and we went up to the old light.  Then we went up the 77 steps.  There were 1000 and 8 little pieces of glass in the light.  It weighed 4.5 tonnes.  We looked under the light, it looked like we were spinning. 

Then we went down the 77 steps and had lunch.  Then we went on the park and went to be pirates.  Then we went to make some lighthouses.  It was fantastic and I put a big wave on it and I put tissue paper around the light.  It was orange.  Then we went back to school.

The Roly Poly Bird

PP1 have been studying Roald Dahl’s stories this week and have created some fantastic puppets using them to re-tell the story of the Roly Poly Bird.  They have also made a beautiful display in their classroom.  Do please pop your head around the door for a look at the flock of Roly Poly Birds!

Miss Roberts and Miss Brown’s Classes

PP3 have made a wonderful start to the new year. Our topic this term is The Vikings and we have been working on our map reading skills, tracing their epic voyages.  PP3R have made beautiful Viking rune pebbles; this may come in handy in Numeracy when we tackle coded rune messages! In Literacy we have written post-cards about our holidays and written character descriptions of The BFG.

Early Years news

What a busy start to the school year! The children are settling well and we are really proud of the way in which the older children are helping our new starters. 

We are now using our acorns to self register on a morning and have spent time exploring all the areas in our classrooms and the Early Years garden.

In the classroom we have been drawing some lovely self portraits and writing our names.

Outside of the classroom we have visited Mr McGregor’s garden and used some of the windfalls for printing and roll painting as we explored the properties of shape and colour mixing. There was also time for a story under the ‘reading tree’.

We have been counting and finding numbers in lots of different contexts as we develop our understanding of number. Maybe you can see what numbers you can find at home?