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Snow, Girls and Wild Creepy Animals

Snow, Girls and Wild Creepy Animals

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Girls at Aysgarth.

This Sunday the girls from Queen Mary's came to visit. They arrived after lunch and we split up into fourth form and fifth form and although we did the same activities we did them in a different order. The fifth form started with a pub quiz in the dining room, with drinks and crisps. The teams were a mixture of girls and boys. After that we went to the Sports hall and played hockey, dodge ball and climbing. We finished this section of the afternoon with one large game of dodge ball. To finish the afternoon we all went back to the dining room for drinks and cakes. It was a fun afternoon which was jam packed with activities and we got to make some new friends.

Simon Botros and Alex Bowman

Wild creepy animals.

Animal story visited us on Tuesday and brought with them a range of different animals, including a snake, cockroaches, a scorpion, an owl, a tree frog, a chameloen and a skunk. During the visit they talked to us about the animals and then we got to either hold them or touch them, with the exception of the rather unfriendly owl, the chameloen and the skunk because of its deadly spray.

During the day we learned about the animals and how they defend themselves and  use their camoflage to hide themselves and catch their prey. It was really interesting and we really enjoyed being able to be so close to the animals and learn so much about them.

Francis Boissier and Ben Hart

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On Wednesday the Bedale Hunt met at Aysgarth School. I rode with my Mum and it was her seventh time visiting the Bedale. It was a cold and snowy day but we set off from the meet and jumped seven fences in the first half an hour. After that we jumped a few more fences. We stopped  hunting at 3 o'clock and hacked back to school. It was a really good day.

Henry Regis and Barnie Gawthorpe

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Some snow fun.

This week we have had lots of snow and that means lots of fun. We had a massive snowball fight on main pitch and the sticky snow was really good for making snowballs. The fourth form made a base out of snow and the other forms all tried to demolish it. Chris Totty was the one who managed to destroy it. Mr. MacLelland would be pleased to see that his rugby training hasn't gone to waste during the football season.


Barnie Gawthorpe and Henry Regis

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Picture of the week.

Freddie Strange