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Chopsticks, Chocolate, Pillow Fighting and Warhammer!

Chopsticks, Chocolate, Pillow Fighting and Warhammer!

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Warhammer Trip.

On Sunday we got up and after breakfast we met Mr. Smith and a gapper Mr. Smith to York to a Warhammer show. When we got there we were given our spending money and then in pairs we were allowed to go round and see all the different things on show. This is me and Johnny looking at zombie apocolypse. I bought lots of things, including some roman soldiers and the undead. It was a great day and we got to see lots of exciting things.

Alex Macdonald and George Couttie

Pillow Fighting 5th form v rest of school.

On Sunday morning the whole school had a pillow fight in the attic it was 5th form verses rest of school. It was really fun and the winners were the rest of the school.

Chocolate Game.

After tea on Saturday we played games in the dining room and then Mars attack. Mars attack was really good fun and the aim of the game is start at West Lodge pavillion and then get into the school library without being caught by Mr. Barlow or Mr. Goddard. The game is played in the dark and most people made it.

The chocolate game was really fun but very frustrating! We had to roll a six with the dice and then put on a hat, gloves and a scarf before trying to eat the chocolate with a knife and fork. It was so annoying as we had a giant chocolate bar in front of you and you just couldn't get it into your mouth!

Caspar Stone Johnny Fielden

Can You Eat Your Tea With Chopsticks?

At tea on Saturday we had a chinese themed meal and we had to eat our meal with chopsticks. The food was delicious it was chicken chow main, noodles, stir fry veg and prawn crackers and we loved using the chopsticks.

Caspar Stone and Johnny Fielden

Picture of the week.

Rufus Philpott