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What a very busy weekend.  New Boys' Weekend , 3rd Form Silent Movies and at last The Waterslide.

What a very busy weekend.  New Boys' Weekend , 3rd Form Silent Movies and at last The Waterslide.

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New Boys' Weekend.


On Saturday the New Boys arrived and stayed at Aysgarth for 24 hours.  They had a great time playing football, building fires, swimming and toasting marshmallows.  In the evening they had a BBQ and played a massive game of 'Run Forest Run' against Mr & Mrs Goddard, Mr Barlow and Poppy.On Sunday morning the boys played indoor cricket and watched the Form 3 silent movies before have lunch.  What a 24 hours!  All the boys were very well behaved and we look forward to welcoming them back in September.

                                                                                                                Mr Barlow

The Waterslide.

On Sunday we had great on the 1st waterslide this term.  Mr Barlow acted as the 'Human Skittle' and we had to slide down and try and knock him over to win a piece of tuck.  Nobody managed to 'smash him' so we played the catching game where we had to slide down and catch a piece of tuck.  A few of us managed to do this.  The Gappers went down so fast they slid off the end!

Henry Scott & Barnie Gawthorpe






Form 3 Silent Movies

This term we have produced ‘3rd Form Silent Films’.  3A and 3I did four films each and 3T did one longer sketch.  We had fun making the films that were based on the silent era! Today we all went to the Reynold’s Hall to watch the films with our parents.  We will put the films on YouTube for you all to see.  After the films we had lunch with the parents and got to meet lots of different people.

Elliot Ainscough & Harry Page



Headmaster's XI v Parents' XI

On Friday evening the Headmaster’s XI  played against the Parents’.  The Parents scored 189 off 20 overs with some impressive batting from Mr Scott, Mr McDonald, Mr Read and Mr Vaux.  The staff bowling was generous!  Mr Irwin bowled some cracking spin deliveries.

The staff needed 4 runs to win off that last ball but failed to hit a boundary!  Mr Chadwick, Mr Barlow, Mr Smith, Mr Maitland all retired on 25.  Mr Southall got a duck!  Mr Goddard and Miss Proctor score one run each!  We had a great time watching as there was music and cheering throughout!  Thank you to Mr Gawthorpe for running the parent team.  Hope you enjoyed the Hot Tub!

                     Ben Hart & Francis Boissier