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Space catwalk, cheese fest and World Book Day

Space catwalk, cheese fest and World Book Day

It was great to be able to welcome staff from Mowden Hall on Tuesday afternoon to visit our PP3 girls.  The children had a wonderful time designing and making space fashion wear and later sharing their creations down the space catwalk!  The girls demonstrated their creativity and keen team working skills and enjoyed the opportunity to speak to children and staff in a relaxed setting. 

Wednesday saw PP2 heading to the Wensleydale creamery and Dales Countryside museum.  I have been rather impressed that Mrs Barlow and Mrs Gavin have been keen to make use of the new iPads and rumours of Wallace and Grommet cartoons, written and produced by the children have been circulating.  I love the buzz of excitement that is surrounding this project, it is wonderful to hear children so thrilled with their class work that it is the main topic of conversation at lunch! 

The week concluded with our annual celebration of World Book Day including a character parade in which the children and staff talked about their characters and favourite stories. 

Parents evenings continue for the rest of this week and we hope this provides a useful opportunity to review your child’s progress with his / her class teacher.   I am also available each evening, so please do pop in if there are matters you would like to discuss further.

With best wishes,
Susie Drake,  Head of Pre-Prep
Last week’s certificates for Sharing were presented to:
Archie MacLelland
Alexander Buczacki
Pippa Ogden
Kieran Hagues
Tom Bland
These children's work was displayed on the Wall of Fame:
George Marriott

William Biker

All of PP2

Max Bailey

Assembly theme for the week; Listening

World Book Day

More phographs can be seen on our Facebook page


Our Class trip by Sophie Stocken

We went to the Wensleydale Creamery and tasted some cheese it was nice. We then went to see a man making cheese. We had to feel it. It felt like porridge as well. We watched a TV programme about how to make cheese. We looked at some things to make cheese in a little museum.

After lunch we were history detectives with a lady for the afternoon at the Dales Museum. The lady called the things objects. Then we went to the museum and we saw some of the things that we saw on the tables. We saw some puzzles of cows and we turned the wheel to see what they did in each month. We played with the farm house and put the animals in each place. Then we went back to school.

More photos available on our Facebook page.