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World War II

World War II

Dear All,
Acorns are just like London buses ... you wait ages for one to arrive and then two come along in quick succession!
Even though it is but a few days since the last edition, much has happened in the Pre-Prep and the children have been busy in their classrooms, around the school grounds, in the pool and on the games fields.
Looking to next week, Lottie and I look forward to your company at the ‘Big Lunch’ on Monday; with approximately 140 children, parents and staff on the guest list, it looks like we will have plenty of fun!
In the meantime I wish you all a lovely weekend with your children.

With best wishes,
Rob and Lottie Morse

Sports Reports


We played at Terrington Hall this week in football.  Terrington only got one goal but Aysgarth scored 19!  Alexander and George and Harry scored all the goals!  For tea we had sausages, chips and digestive biscuits.  After the tea we came back to school and when we got back it was really late.


by William Biker





On Thursday we got on the bus and went to Terrington.  We had one hour on the bus.  When we got off we went to the toilet and then we went to the sports hall.  At the sports hall we practised shooting, then Terrington came.  The match began, it was a lively and noisy match with the score being 5:3.  We had won the match!  All teams played well and we finished with sausages and chips.

by Bella Bland


Yesterday we went to Gateways to play football.  We each played ¾ of the game, swapping with each other.  Gateways scored one goal.  I scored two goals, Archie scored some more goals and Jake and Bertie each scored a goal.  Archie gave thee cheers at the end.

We had chocolate biscuits and drinks for match tea.  My favourite bit was the tackling, but is was all really good.

by George Marriott


This week we played hockey against Gateway School.  It was an away game and it took an hour to get there.  The score was 3:0 to us.

They were all really good goals.  The game was indoors so we didn’t get too cold.  

We had match tea which was a Kit-Kat and juice.  

Everyone enjoyed it, including me, and everyone was proud of us.

by Jemimah Vaux

Swimming Gala

On Tuesday PP2 and PP3 had a swimming gala against Queen Mary’s.  Luckily Aysgarth won but Queen Mary’s were amazing!  Everyone enjoyed it, including the parents, they were on the sideline cheering everyone on as they swam.  We had a mixture of breast stroke, front crawl and back stroke.  We had match tea that was doughnuts, sandwiches and juice.  We loved it!  The next day we had free play for swimming, because we won the swimming gala!  That’s what I call a swimming teacher!
by Alexander Storer



Environmental Survey

PP1 and PP2 have continued their topic work for this term by exploring their environment.
They wrapped up warm and went out, clip boards in hand, for a walk around the school grounds.
The children made notes of all the buildings and natural features they found—noting that there are lots and lots of sheds!




The Reception Class have been out and about this week on a winter scavenger hunt in the school grounds.

After excellent scavenging, everything on the list was ticked.

They learned about lichen, catkins and leaf skeletons.


Home Challenge

Nursery—talk to mummy and daddy about what you want to achieve and then tell Mrs Brown.
Reception—how many of our ‘scavenged’ treasures can you find next time you go for a walk?


Last week’s wow moments were ...

  • Ben George for making an amazing story map
  • Chloe Atkinson for “quick sounds”
  • Ranulph Townrow for entertaining us with his singing.
  • Elizabeth Hayton for listening and following instructions.

Nursery Shopping Trips

The first few groups of Nursery children have been shopping to look for letters and numbers and, most importantly, buy some treats for their afternoon snacks to share with their friends back in the classroom.  The first group looked for numbers and the letter ‘N’ in Carrick’s (or ‘Paris’ as one child thought is was called).  The next group looked in Campbell’s for words beginning with ‘C’ and even got to help at the till.  The third group found cold, spider crabs back at ‘Paris’.    
Those that have not had a chance to go shopping will have their turn soon.
Thank you to Campbell’s and Carrick’s for having us to visit.