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Wycombe Wanderers give a football masterclass

Wycombe Wanderers give a football masterclass

On the first day back from holidays, Aysgarth boys were treated to a special visit from Wycombe Wanderers football team to help kick off the football season.  Wycombe were staying in Yorkshire in preparation for their league two match against Hartlepool on Saturday.

First up, Form 1 was put through their paces with drills and skill tests from the Wycombe players. Following their 45 minute training session, Form 1C and Form 1H then faced each other in a competitive game. 

Harry Bellamy in Form 1 said: "I think we played better against Terrington Hall (we won 5-4) on Saturday after our coaching session.  I'd like to play for Wycombe one day!"


Next the senior boys were given the chance to get some coaching from all the players. Separated into small groups, the training session tested their skills and speed before finishing with a three team round robin with each team allocated a number of Wycombe players to manage them.

Oliver Stone in Form 5 said: 

"The session was a once in a lifetime opportunity and everyone loved it. We practiced all the key elements of our game and tried to make improvements. Thank you so much to all the Wycombe Wanderers players."

Gordon MacLelland the Aysgarth Director of Sport: “It was a brilliant way to kick off our football season. We are so very grateful to all the Wycombe Wanderers players and staff who took the time out of their training schedule to come to the school. We must also thank James Gawthorpe and Beechdean Ice Cream for making the visit possible. The boys got so much out of the sessions and hopefully it will inspire them to some great performances this term.”


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