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High Ropes, Leadership Day and Aysgarth Has Talent! 20-09-15

High Ropes, Leadership Day and Aysgarth Has Talent! 20-09-15

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4th Form High Ropes at Camp Hill

On Sunday Mr. Wood and two gap students took the fourth form to Camp Hill to have a go at the high ropes course. When we there we played some touch rugby and then we were kitted out with our harnesses. We had a practise on the ground and 

then we went up the ladder and started climbing around the course.

At the end of the course there was massive zip wire which landed in a bark pit. We played a game lying under the people coming down the zip wire. 

At the end of the afternoon we had another game of rugby before we left to go home to school.


                                                                          Max Falkingham and George Barnes




5th Form Leadership Day

After chapel, at half past eleven The fifth form boys met with Mr. Barnard, Mr. MacLelland, Mr. Bullas,  Mr. Gaven and Mr. Morse. We were split into groups of six and then in our groups did six different activities in different areas of the school. Whilst each tried to complete the activities the teachers were watching us and deciding on the scores that we would be given to be calculated at the end. The criteria was focused on our leadership and listening skills. Some of the activities involved moving objects across the swimming pool in a specific orderand trying to get poles which had to be a certain length into a nuclear reactor.  We really enjoyed the cone jumping exercise and you had to move the cones in a special order to achieve the right pattern. At the end of the day we were given feed back on our groups and the scores and the winning team was given tuck. The winning teams were teams five and six. 


                             Daniel Sowunmi and Michael O'Callaghan




Aysgarth Has Talent

On Sunday afternoon Mrs. MacLelland and Mrs. Morse organised a Aysgarth's got talent competition in the Reynolds Hall. There were lots of different acts and one of them was a short play and people telling jokes, as well as, people playing musical instruments and comedy acts. The judging panel was made up of Mrs. MacLelland, a gap student and Archie and Pippa MacLelland. The winning acts were a short play performed by some second form boys, Harry Morse playing the guitar and Johnny and Caspar, who did impersonations of the teachers. It was a fun afternoon and Mrs. MacLelland particularly liked our impression of Mr. MacLelland!

                                                       Johnny Fielden and Caspar Stone 




Under 9 Rugby

On Saturday the U9 A & B teams played against Terrington Hall.  This was their first game and all the boys played very well.  The A team won playing positive flowing rugby.  The B team lost be all enjoyed the chance to play.