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Lots of 20/20 cricket, 8th Aysgarth Clay Day, Rifle Shooting, Cooking and Climbing 31-05-15

Lots of 20/20 cricket, 8th Aysgarth Clay Day, Rifle Shooting, Cooking and Climbing 31-05-15










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Old Aysgarthian Cricket Match v 1st XI Cricket Team.

On Saturday afternoon the first XI played against last year's old boys. It was a great game and the first XI won by six wickets. The weather was kind and although overcast it did not rain. 

Thank you to all the parents who brought their sons back to Aysgarth to the match. A special mention must be given to Robin Guthe and Ben Hoddinott. They both hit half centuries, with Robin hitting seven sixes and scoring 69 off 30 balls.

It came down to the wire with the first XI winning in the last ten balls. Well done to everyone who played and we hope to repeat this next year.

                                                             William Wade and Oliver Stone



Junior Twenty/20 Cricket Match

On Thursday at break time Mr. Barlow organised a bidding session and Mr. Chadwick and Mr. Maitland bid on the boys for their teams for the twenty/20 match. The most expensive player was Freddie Read and he cost Mr. Maitland 31 millions pounds!

On Sunday afternoon the game was played on the first team pitch on main field. The rain had stopped and the sun came out. 

Mr. Chadwick's team, the Chadwick cheetahs batted first and they scored 135. Then Mr. Maitland's team, the Maitland mavericks had their turn at the crease. They scored 136 and won the game with four overs to spare.

It was a really fun afternoon and we enjoyed the spirit of the game. Theo Tomlinson scored 57 runs, reaching half century.


                                               Freddie Read, Ben Hart and Tom Bailey


8th Aysgarth Parent & Son Clay Day

On Sunday morning the clay shooting started in the valley. Each pair shot fifty competitive clays and the scores were totalled up at the end of each session. There were two sections of clay traps, starting with the easier, slower clays and then the faster and harder ones. Angus Duff and Mr. Duff won the trophy and Teddy and Mr. Barlow came second, with Kez and Mr. Southall came third.

                                Kez Selby Boddy and Teddy Hamilton



Rifle Shooting

After chapel on Sunday morning Mr. Wood took a group of us into the rifle range. He told us about gun safety and then we allowed to shoot the rifles. We each had twenty shots at the rifle targets. Ted Goodrick got the highest score, getting 69.

                   Henry Gardiner and Wilfred Pybus 



Junior Climbing

At half past two on Sunday afternoon Mr. Vivian took a group of boys climbing in the sports hall on the school wall. He gave us a quick safety briefing and checked our harnesses. Then we were allowed to climb and at the end we had a go at abseiling.

The first thing we did was play a game called 'silent ninja' and the aim of this game is to climb across the climbing wall and Mr. Vivian was blindfolded and he had to throw tennis balls at us if he could hear us. 

Then we did some climbing only using certain colours at a time, The trickest route was the Australian route because all the grips are upside down. 

                                    George Couttie, Arthur Hope-Barton and Johnny Fielden



Cooking with Mr Irwin

On Sunday at half past two Mr. Irwin organised a cooking session in the boys kitchen. It was a great session because we got to cook dry steak and spare ribs. It was yummy. The best bit was probably the first bite into the juicy steak.


                             Felix Lowe and Ted Goodrick





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