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Lots of Christmas Fun 13/12/15

Lots of Christmas Fun 13/12/15

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Christmas Dinner

On Saturday evening we had our Christmas dinner.  It was lovely and thank you to the kitchen staff for all their hard work.  Rufus Hornyold-Strickland played the pipes and we all banged the tables as the pudding was brought out.  After dinner we sang Christmas tunes with the highlight being a birthday version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.





Christmas Games.

On Saturday afternoon we played the 'Aysgarth Christmas Games'.  There were 26 different games.  The best ones to play were golf, pillow fighting and the crisp tasting!  William Wallace, Tom Manners & Edmund Hinchcliffe won, winning a total of 14 games.

 The game in the picture is 'How many Cherios can you stick on the face in 3 minutes'!



Sent up for good

Kit Codrington+2

Henry Jameson+4

James Ogden

Johnny Fielden

Rufus Pearce

Max Best

Harry Cadogan

Roddy Cummins

Billy Manners+2

Freddie Bulman

Freddie Murray-Wells

Tom Penty

Charlie Read

Henry Scott