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Optional Weekend Fun:  Popcorn, Marshmallows, Chocolate Bananas, Meat Feast, Climbing, and Plays!

Optional Weekend Fun:  Popcorn, Marshmallows, Chocolate Bananas, Meat Feast, Climbing, and Plays!

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Third form play

On Friday evening the third form presented three short plays in the Reynolds hall. Each play told a children's story. The first one was The Gigantic Turnip followed by What The Ladybird Heard and the last one was The Troll. Each form performed the scripts that Mrs. Locke had produced. It was a really entertaining evening and the audience loved the performances.

            Kit Codrington 





Saturday Night Fun

   On Saturday evening before we watched the football on the big screen we had baked bananas filled with melted chocolate and they were yummy. Then we watched the first half of the football and at half time we had popcorn and marshmallows. Then we watched the seccond half. After the match we all went to bed.

             Jaime Herrero





Meat Feast 

On Sunday morning Mr. Irwin fired up the barbeque and we cooked hamburgers, kebabs and chicken wings. We then sat and ate our meat in the sunshine.

Jaime Herrero









     On Sunday at 11o'clock   Mr. Vivian took a group of us climbing in the sports hall. We practised our climbing techniques and we had to follow certain colours to get to the top. The hardest colour to climb was the grey footholds. We had to try to climb to the top and touch the silver bar and then we abseiled down from the top. We all had a go at climbing and took it in turn to belay and take up the slack at the bottom of the wall. Mr. Vivian made sure that we called the commands before we climbed.

                         Will Styles and William Eddleston






Headmaster's XI v Boarderers XI

 On Sunday morning a team from the borders of Scotland visited to play Mr. Morse's Headmaster's eleven. The Borderers started the batting and they scored 191 runs in forty overs. Then it was Mr. Morse's team turn to face the ball and they were slow at scoring runs initially but then Mr. Sweetlove, Mr Barlow and various team members put some runs in with Mr. Sweetlove being bowled out only five runs short of his half century and one run away from winning. The final score was The Boarderers 191 and  The Headmaster's eleven 191. It was a great game with lots of drama at the end.

                                 Kit Codrington





Sent Up For Good

Theo Thomlinson

Charlie Langford