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1st XI cricket team
Boys on their bikes in the School grounds
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Senior choir at Ripon Carol Concert
1xt XI cricket match on main field
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Aysgarth Independent Prep School in Yorkshire

Aysgarth is one of the leading independent Prep Schools for boys aged 3-13 and girls from 3-8 , where we aim to find the best in every child. Our ethos and values develop boys in every respect - to be happy, confident, courteous, independent and ambitious.

Welcome from the Headmaster and his wife

Traditional boarding prep schools provide time for a full education and here at Aysgarth we pride ourselves on the fact that the boys spend half of the day in academic pursuits leaving the other half for creative, physical and enjoyment based activities.

Links to Senior Schools

We maintain close contact with all of the leading national public schools with a view to understanding their culture and requirements so that we can advise parents on which schools they should consider for their son. This also enables us to prepare boys effectively for the relevant schools.

Aysgarth School film

Aysgarth is one of the leading Prep Schools in the country.

As the only all-boys boarding Prep School in the north of Britain, Aysgarth sends more boys to selective schools such as Eton, Harrow, Winchester and Radley than any other school in the north as well as to senior schools nearby.

We aim high! We aim to stretch every boy to make the most of their abilities in small groups, whatever the activity.

Tatler: Prep school of the year 2019/20

I am absolutely delighted that Aysgarth has been awarded the Tatler’s ‘Best Prep School’ award. Many of us have long known that Aysgarth is a very special place indeed but it is always reassuring to receive recognition from external agencies. The Tatler award comes hot on the heels of the superb report from the ISI and is truly the icing on the cake. Rob Morse, Headmaster


Early Bird

We strongly advise parents to make contact with the admissions department as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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Hear the views and options from the team at Aysgarth School

Old Aysgarthian Association

The Old Aysgarthian Association runs a variety of events for members of the Association.

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