Forces Families

Boarder on the top bunk

If you are a Forces Family, you might find that your children have to change schools more frequently than you would prefer due to frequent relocations. We, at Aysgarth, understand the unique challenges you face and have a long tradition of supporting Forces Families, who can enjoy stability for their children's education through the Continuity of Education Allowance.


From an expert


“On a recent visit to Aysgarth, it was great to hear that the new Headteacher, Jonathon Anderson and his wife Hester have a great understanding of military life, with several of their own family currently serving. The beautiful prep- school they lead is the perfect place for boys to start their Boarding school journey. Aysgarth is non-selective and has a fantastic approach which sees each child assessed by the Learning Support department when they start so that any gaps can be filled early on, this obviously works brilliantly as its pupils' academic achievements are phenomenal, with many gaining scholarships and places to top senior schools.” 

Jen Reehal, Marketing & Education Consultant British Forces at Anderson Education


From a service parent at Aysgarth:

"By the age of 6 my Son had moved to 3 different schools; he was struggling educationally and couldn’t secure good friendships.  When we moved to Catterick in 2019 we settled him into the Aysgarth Pre Prep with the hopeful intention to give him a secure education and settle him in one location with a school team who could really understand his background, help him socially and provide kindness and compassion. It was the best choice we ever made and the best gift we could ever give our Son. The Pre-Prep is a truly magical and special school.
Aged 8 moving into the Prep School he was keen to board and enjoy all that the school offers.  He settled quickly into boarding and has thrived day by day. The boarding rooms are clean and inviting. They are fun and the school carefully matches who will share with who but ensures a rotation each term. School nurses are always on hand and the whole pastoral care really offers me (am Mum) security; especially when I might be away. There have been difficult spells of homesickness but the school supports him (and the family). We completely trust he is in the safest hands. We are so proud as we see him grow and develop.  Now aged 10 he has been a weekly boarder for 2 years; he plays piano beautifully, is a great swimmer and engages in all sport. The after-school activities are great fun and he really looks forward to design and technology, tennis and shooting; there is even a ‘cooking’ club! He also has 2 other Army boarders in his form which is nice as they can understand each other and the difficulties often faced by Service children. Educationally he continues to get stronger and with that more confident and happy.
CEA has strict rules to remain eligible but the financial support is unbelievable. The Aysgarth finance team understand the CEA process and helps to ensure I have a bill on time to claim the Education Allowance, they quickly return/provide the stamped paid bill for Unit Audit.  They also understand the Childcare Voucher Scheme and will allow a proportion of the bill to be settled using that account for the boarding element of the fees. No question is ever too much and they are organised and quick to reply.
Weekly boarding has worked best for the family at this stage due to our distance from the school but he will fully board at some point.  Other military boys board fully and always look very happy.
The school is perfect for our Son and our Family. ” 


CEA Explained


The primary objective of the CEA boarding school allowance is to provide support to children from military families, enabling them to maintain consistent education. Administered by the MOD, this allowance is available to eligible individuals and helps finance their enrollment in boarding schools like Aysgarth. By ensuring uninterrupted education, it allows parents serving in the military to fulfil their duties while their children receive a stable and continuous learning experience during crucial stages of their growth and development.

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