International applications

Boarder on the top bunk

Aysgarth School welcomes pupils from all over the world. 

With boarding at the heart of our School, we offer a fully immersive school culture which benefits our International pupils. With 90% of our boys boarding in some form and about 80 boys staying in most weekends, your son will be in good company. Boys can take advantage of the extensive and beautiful grounds, participate in numerous activities and most importantly play with their friends.

Our small classes (maximum 16) and restricting the number of non-native English speakers per class ensures that in lesson time, the subject teacher has the ability to provide additional language support if required; this coupled with wonderful individual and bespoke timetabled EAL we see fantastic and quick progression in language and most importantly socially.  

Aysgarth is not an academically selective school and there is no entrance examination, but to ensure Aysgarth is the right school for the child we work with Agents and their families to get to know the boy well before he arrives.

With an application we request that you provide -

Last two full School Reports (translated)

Provide any certificates for music, academics or sport

Provide a reference from a teacher or English tutor


If you would like to just enquire at this stage

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If you are an Agent and would like information about working with Aysgarth School, please email

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