Pre-Prep Open Morning

Pupils enjoy reading in the nursery garden
Forest School

Friday 12th May, 10am - 12pm

Just 5 minutes from Bedale, Aysgarth Pre-Prep (boys and girls aged 3 to 8) is a happy and vibrant community that has time, space and opportunities to give each child the very best all-round education.

Oak House is the co-educational Nursery and Pre-Preparatory Department of Aysgarth School for children ages 3 to 8 years. Oak House provides a happy, busy environment, where the individuality of every child is recognised, and all children are encouraged and supported to make progress in their own way and in their own time.

It is located alongside the Prep School allowing the Pre-Prep children to take full advantage of the wonderful grounds and facilities at Aysgarth.
The curriculum and the teaching in the Pre-Prep incorporate the best of modern practice, equipment and facilities. We aim to lay sound foundations in literacy and numeracy; to develop an interest in art, music, technology and sport; to teach and demonstrate strong moral values and to ensure that the children enjoy this precious stage of their lives.

Small classes are vital to ensure individual attention so that children can make the most of their potential and talent. Our committed, energetic and enthusiastic staff are able to devote additional time to those children who are experiencing difficulties, whilst providing a myriad of opportunities for those who are keen to progress.

Fundamentally, we understand each parent’s desire for their child to feel happy and secure and consider ourselves extremely fortunate to play a part in the children’s development.

Our Open Morning is the ideal opportunity to explore the school at your own pace, accompanied by a pupil guide. You can see teaching in progress, our state of the art facilities, talk to teachers and chat to other parents.

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