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The Aysgarth School Foundation is committed to widening access to the School and supporting its development as one of the country’s leading preparatory schools. The Foundation has been set up to raise funds for bursaries, enabling families, regardless of circumstances to give their child an Aysgarth education and to offer all pupils the distinctive Aysgarth life. The Foundation plays a vital role in securing the School’s future through funding development projects.

The School has benefited from the philanthropy of previous generations throughout its history. In its past, it has been able to fund investments in the School of over £1.5 million through prudent management. However, the step change projects needed to keep it at the forefront of prep school education whilst widening access to this excellence necessitates an appeal to the generosity of the current generation.

About the Aysgarth Foundation

The Clement Hales Society

The difference you can make

Since its launch in 2008 the Aysgarth Foundation has raised almost £2 million for the school and this has allowed us to embark upon a vast number of projects that have benefitted both the school and its pupils.

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Art department

Art department


Goddard bursary funds

The Goddards

providing the opportunity for an Aysgarth education when financial circumstances, to all intent and purposes, render such hopes impossible