Club, Societies and Activities

Free time at Aysgarth can be a dream – the boys are together with their friends with acres of grounds and wonderful facilities at their disposal. Every weekday evening, there are organised activities run by the staff and a boy can choose from many different options. We run a huge range from the traditional sport/music/drama and art to Greek, academic clinics, chess, and mountain biking. Also remote control car building, cooking, meat appreciation society, shooting,  parkour, campcraft, croquet, golf, sailing, horse riding, archery, debating, board games, LEGO and the old favourites of subbuteo and Airfix model making.

On Sundays, there is a range of activities including outings, sports, creative and musical hobbies. The boys have busy days, and it is important to allow them time when they can relax. There are five common rooms where they can gather with their age groups; each has a television dvd player and games for them to play, such as pool and table football.