Privacy Policy



  1. The Notice on the next page applies to all persons who use our website.
  2. We are committed to ensuring that any personal information that we receive or collect about you is used fairly and lawfully by us, is safeguarded by us, and is only processed by us in accordance with relevant data protection law.
  3. The purpose of the Notice is to ensure that we are transparent and upfront with you about what personal information we hold about you and what we do with that information.
  4. The Notice on the following pages therefore covers the following questions:
    1. Who does this Notice apply to? (Page 2)
    2. What is the purpose of this Notice? (Page 2)
    3. What personal data may we collect about you? (Pages 2 and 3)
    4. How is your personal data collected? (Page 3)
    5. How do we use and share your personal data? (Pages 3 to 5)
    6. How can you manage cookies? (Page 5)
    7. When might we share your personal data with third parties? (Pages 5 and 6)
    8. How long will we keep your personal data? (Page 6)
    9. Do we send your personal data outside the European Economic Area ("EEA")? (Page 6)
    10. How secure is the personal data that we collect about you? (Pages 6 and 7)
    11. What are your rights in relation to your personal data? (Page 7)
    12. What other information should you be aware of? (Page 8)
    13. When and how can we make changes to this Notice? (Page 8)
    14. How can you get in contact with us? (Page 8)
  5. If you have any questions about the Notice then please contact the School Bursar.

Click here to download the full PDF document.