At the launch of its 2014 guide, Tatler announced that Aysgarth was the winner of the 'Best Prep School'.

Tatler's Schools Guide 2014 "Aysgarth is the only all-boys prep in this part of England and is non-selective. All they look for is 'bags of enthusiasm'. It's 90 per cent boarding and there are lots of high jinks in the 50 acres of grounds (ferreting with the maths master is popular, we hear). Great Boy's Own adventure trips too: camping in the Dales or sleeping on hay bales in Scotland. Leavers skip on to Eton, Harrow, Shrewsbury, Radley - you name it. An inspector says, unofficially, that parents from the South would flock to Aysgarth if they knew how good it was. We've been singing its praises for years, but clearly need to turn up the volume.”