Questions about life outside of School

What is one of your hidden talents?

Jonathon - I would like to think I am good at choosing gifts for people. I hope that Hester would agree!

Hester - I have often been told that I am good at listening to people.  


What would the pupils be surprised to find out about you?

Jonathon - That I was their age once, many years ago. 

Hester - People are always surprised to hear that I have a degree in Theology, but I am not a vicar!


Who is better at helping Annabel and William with their homework? 

Jonathon - We have very different roles. I do the Maths and French, Hester does the rest. 


What are some pets you’ve had?

Jonathon - We are very dog orientated – nothing seems to come close to the companionship and cheerfulness that they bring. 


What are the names of your dogs?

Jonathon - Betsy (the old one) and Maggie (the young nutter)


How do you spend your summer holidays?

Jonathon - I would love to say we jet off to glamorous places but we are mostly found in South Devon or North Cornwall. When we are there we swim, paddle, fish or bodyboard, normally followed by a bbq on the beach or a trip to a pub. 


What are your “trapped on a desert island” books or movies?

Jonathon - For a movie, I would pick Chariots of Fire or Where Eagles Dare. My favourite book is Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man by Siegfried Sassoon but I would prefer a notebook and something to write with – I am a list maker and need to get my thoughts down on paper. 

Hester - The film ‘Shawshank Redemption’ struck a chord with me – a tale of hope and friendship. I am an avid reader so would find it difficult to pick a favourite book. I like to work my way through the Booker Prize winners. As a child, I loved the Roald Dahl, Revolting Rhymes!


What can you cook to perfection? Are you willing to share the recipe?

Jonathon - Fry-ups but my poached eggs are pretty close to perfection as well. I also make a mean crème brulee. 

Hester - I love cooking a roast – nothing complicated, but a good opportunity to slow down and eat together as a family, and yes, Yorkshire Puddings are always on the menu!


What are your must-have smartphone apps?

Jonathon - BBC News, BBC Sounds, Audible, Weather Pro

Hester - I hate my phone – I much prefer writing a letter than an email, although I do use it to catch up on the news. 


What song do you know all the lyrics to?

Jonathon - Billy Joel – We didn’t start the fire!

Hester - Paul Simon – Graceland- the whole album!


The School’s values are respect, endeavour and courage.

Who do you respect the most?

Jonathon - Doctors and nurses working in hospitals – I don’t know how they do it, day in, day out. 

Hester - Teachers – working with children requires a certain special set of skills.

What skill did you have to endeavour to achieve?

Jonathon - Being a reasonable father – my most important job but no training was provided. 

Hester - I vividly remember learning to ride a bike as a child – and ending up in the hedge a few times whilst finding my balance.

What activity or event took(takes) you further from your comfort zone?

Jonathon - Being out at sea or swimming in the sea – it is so powerful and it often scares me. 

Hester - Wild camping on Dartmoor – it was one of the most beautiful experiences, but completely out of my comfort zone. I was struck by how small and vulnerable I felt. 


How does technology make teaching more simple or difficult?

Jonathon - It is great for providing immediate feedback or greater depth. I love how it enables easy collaboration too. On the downside, I would like a spell checker that made everyone try to correct their mistakes before the computer does it for us. 

Hester - Teaching young pupils online during lockdown was quite an experience! Technology allowed us all to stay connected and continue learning. 


What is your first memory from school?

Jonathon - I remember being taught how to spell my own name and thinking how odd it was that I couldn’t achieve that for myself. 

Hester - Assemblies – I loved singing the hymns!


Which of the Aysgarth traditions are you looking forward to being part of?

Jonathon - Cow, spotlight and the Aysgarthian run.

Hester - Boarding – it will be a great privilege to be a part of such a wonderful boarding community.