Alistair Raises Over £1500 for Combat Stress in 12-Hour Darts Challenge

Starting the challenge at 09:30, Alistair displayed unwavering determination throughout the day. His resilience and commitment were evident as he continued to push through, ultimately raising significant funds for a worthy cause.

"I'm really proud of Alistair," remarked his mum, Sarah, expressing admiration for his efforts. "It was a long day, starting early in the morning, and it got tough towards the end. But he never gave up and truly shone as a star."

Throughout the challenge, Alistair was supported not only by his family but also by some of the boys from Form 4 who visited to play games, maintaining an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun.

The total funds raised currently stand at an impressive £1590, reflecting the generosity of supporters and Alistair's dedication to making a positive impact.

Reflecting on the experience, Alistair expressed gratitude for the support from his classmates and the opportunity to engage in friendly matches with them. Looking ahead, there's even talk of challenging Mr. Bullas to a match, showcasing the infectious enthusiasm and competitive spirit fostered within the school community.