Aysgarth 2024 Big Walk raising funds for Changing Faces and The Yorkshire Vikings

Every five years, the Aysgarth community embark on a journey to raise money through a walking challenge from Aysgarth to Aysgarth School, known affectionately as the Big Walk. A distance of 16 miles. In 2019, our collective spirit soared as over 250 individuals participated, and our efforts yielded an impressive £36,326 in support of the RNIB.

This year, on Sunday, 12th May 2024, we prepare to surpass our previous achievements with even greater vigour and determination. The Big Walk isn't just a mere stroll; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to our community and those in need. 

We've chosen to support not just one, but two remarkable charities, both of which are deeply connected to two of our present pupils. By rallying behind Changing Faces and The Yorkshire Vikings we hope you will lace up your walking shoes.

To find out more about our chosen charities and how to donate, please click on the links below.

Yorkshire Vikings

Changing Faces