Creative Arts Day

"After starting here in January 2023 I have been blown away by the student's enthusiasm for art and DT, here at Aysgarth, which has only been more pronounced spending the day allowing students to invest in their creative nature, well done to everyone." Ms Richards, Head of DT & Art

Art activities empower children to express, observe, build confidence, and nurture creativity, promoting self-worth and imagination.  It is also fun!

In recent years, there has been a concerning trend of schools eliminating arts from the curriculum. However, not at Aysgarth! We recognise the significance of art in children's development goes beyond personal beliefs. 

Nurturing creativity not only promotes well-being but also opens doors to fulfilling careers. The UK takes pride in its visionary creative professionals, and the creative industries have become the fastest-growing sector in the country's economy, contributing over £100 billion annually. This surpasses the combined contributions of the automotive, aerospace, life sciences, and oil and gas sectors.

“Arts in school are a crucial ingredient in the making of UK’s creative life – one of the nation’s USPs. But artists, musicians, writers and actors are not born skilled,” warns Paul Steer, Head of Policy at OCR.

“Huge numbers of creative professionals can trace the igniting of their creativity back to experiences at school, whether it was encouragement from a school art teacher, acting in a play or singing a particular piece of music at school. Lily Allen, Grayson Perry and Evelyn Glennie all talk with passion of the influence a particular teacher had in inspiring them to develop their creativity and follow a creative career,” he adds.

We are sure that tentative career steps were taken by a few boys today as they explored other mediums of art.  Although our modern art and DT block are constantly used, Creative Arts Day is an opportunity to expand creative horizons with the wide scope of activities on offer. 

Today we gave children the opportunity to explore:

  • Creative music composition

  • Metal casting/enamel workshop

  • Tie Dying

  • Wire sculpting

  • Film and photography

  • Build a geodesic dome

  • Create a Play in a Day

  • Creative computing 

  • Mix media collages

  • Creation of hanging baskets

  • Stained Glass window and 

  • Woodturning